Kiernan’s Kindness

A Therapy Animal Group in Tucson, AZ

We are a nonprofit (501c3) organization based in Tucson, Arizona. Kiernan’s Kindness was founded in January 2018 through the charitable donations of many throughout Southern Arizona. All of our pet therapy teams are registered through either Pet Partners  or Alliance of Therapy Dogs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote tolerance, compassion, and well-being to people of all ages throughout Southern Arizona. We carry out our mission by offering a wide range of interactive experiences with therapy animals for people involved with a broad spectrum of social services, juvenile justice, education, eldercare, and mental and physical health programs.

Sites We Visit

Kiernan’s Kindness partners with many wonderful facilities in the Tucson area to share the love and healing powers that therapy animals provide. We are always looking for new facilities and events to attend. Contact us for information.

How Can you get involved


Host an Event

Our Super Hero’s In Action

We wouldn’t exist without our beloved volunteers! They are truly our organization’s super hero’s. Here they are in action!

Therapy Animal Requirements

Is Your Dog Therapy Dog Material?

How do you know that you and your pet will make a good therapy team? First, you as the handler, need to enjoy volunteering with your pet. Your pet will need to be calm, friendly and trained in basic commands.

What are the requirements?

Most therapy dogs go through basic obedience classes or are self-taught by the handler. They should be able to listen well without rewards and can listen well around other dogs. There are a few ways to become certified as a therapy dog team.

Each group has different requirements and the insurance varies depending on which group is chosen. For additional information about the groups, check out their websites. Each group certifies differently, so please do your research and ask questions to find out which group suits your needs.

How to volunteer with Kiernan's Kindness

If you and your pet are registered with a national organization and would like to volunteer locally with Kiernan’s Kindness click here contact us.

Certifying Groups In AZ

Remembering Kiernan

Kiernan was a kindhearted person who cared about everyone and everything. She put her heart and soul into everything did. She had a deep passion for life and her presence would light up the room when she entered. We unexpectedly lost her all too soon, all too young. Our mission will be to teach others to be kind, have acceptance of others, just smile, and have fun in life, the way Kiernan always lived.

Animals and children had a very special place in her heart. With the current issues taking place in the world, there is not a better time to spread kindness in such an amazing persons name.

Make a Donation

Kiernan’s Kindness Runs of Paw Power

Kiernan’s Kindness depends on the generosity of donors and volunteers to be one of the best prevention and health promotion organizations in Southern Arizona. Our services are made possible by 100% donations. Contributions are appreciated to ensure our volunteers – both four-legged and human – stay up to date with continuing education and are supported so they can support people of all ages in need. With your help, we can make sure all our Therapy Teams are ready to serve.