Therapy Teams


Therapy Animal Requirements

Is Your Dog Therapy Dog Material?

How do you know that you and your pet will make a good therapy team? First, you as the handler, need to enjoy volunteering with your pet. Your pet will need to be calm, friendly and trained in basic commands.

What are the requirements?

Most therapy dogs go through basic obedience classes or are self-taught by the handler. They should be able to listen well without rewards and can listen well around other dogs. There are a few ways to become certified as a therapy dog team.

Each group has different requirements and the insurance varies depending on which group is chosen. For additional information about the groups, check out their websites. Each group certifies differently, so please do your research and ask questions to find out which group suits your needs.

How to volunteer with Kiernan's Kindness

If you and your pet are registered with a national organization and would like to volunteer locally with Kiernan’s Kindness click here contact us.

Certifying Groups In AZ