Judith & Yofi

Handler’s Name: Judith
Therapy Dog’s Name: Yofi
Breed: Golden Doodle
Favorite Activity: Fetching the ball!
Favorite Food: Cheese, saltines, steak, salmon or freeze-dried liver
What makes your K9 a good therapy dog: Yofi is a gentle loving little 2 year old who loves people, especially children. She is sensitive to those who are sad, sick or disabled, and easily comes close to give comfort or just to snuggle and connect. She oozes love and kindness from every curl!
Why do you believe in spreading kindness: I deeply believe that if we as individuals, and as Kiernan’s Kindness Therapy Teams, can bring kindness, understanding, acceptance, and inclusion that little by little, one person at a time, we will create a Tsunami of kindness and love to counteract the negativity that is around us. The world needs it and we are called to give it! What a blessing for all of us to be part of this transformation of our society starting here in Tucson!